Tick-Tock: My experience of BLW at 7-8 months

When I first went on maternity leave it felt very strange not having to get up and go into the office every day to attend meetings and meet deadlines. Aside from the odd prenatal appointment, the pressure to be at certain places at certain times evaporated overnight.

Determined to make the most of the situation I was eager to embrace my new found freedom. In a very un-Gina-Ford-esque fashion my parenting style has lacked structure and routine. I breastfeed on demand and Little Chickpea naps at will, usually in the buggy if we are out and about. I am loving not having to deal with the time constraints of office life.

During the early months of motherhood I had a sneaky suspicion that things weren’t always going to be that easy and at some point our days were going to become more complicated. It turns out, for us that time came just after we started weaning.

Or to be more precise it started when Little Chickpea was between 7-8 months old because this is when I started offering her 3 meals a day. During the first 6 weeks of weaning I had been pretty relaxed only offering 2 β€œmeals” a day at non-set times, but now, given the time it takes to prepare, eat and of course clean up the inevitable mess of each meal and also schedule in milk feed and naps I felt that I finally had to succumb to the inevitable and start building a bit more structure into our days.

Finding a routine that worked took some trial and error but after a few weeks I had nailed it and it felt great! Then, just as I was revelling in the feel good swing of our newfound routine the latest growth spurt, developmental phase or teething or whatever it was came along and spoiled it all anyway. So for now at least, we are back to a life of unpredictable chaos – just the way we like it πŸ˜‰

Peace out natural mamas (and papas),

Kelly & Little Chickpea Xxx


One thought on “Tick-Tock: My experience of BLW at 7-8 months

  1. Rochelle says:

    Just discovered this blog, popped up on my fb. We’re not dairy free but like to look for alternatives to feed my boy. We breastfed for 6 months so now I’m tackling weaning at bottles all at once. Nightmare but prepping to go back to work. He js 7 months and only on two meals a day. Will now attempt to introduce lunch after reading this. Wish your recipes were on an app. Keep up the good work x

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