Hurrah for the pincer grasp! BLW @ 9-12 months

Mainstream Baby Led Weaning enthusiasts will tell you that your baby can eat absolutely anything from the start of their Weaning journey, provided that it doesn’t contain honey, under-cooked egg or too much salt or mercury (as in the case of Shark, swordfish and marlin).

You may remember that I felt a certain resonance when I first read that ubiquitous book by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett on Baby Led Weaning, but that was before Chickpea started Weaning. And whilst I’m not against BLW at all, far from it, since getting into the throngs of weaning I can no longer jump on board with everything that mainstream BLW advocates.

From our experience the list of foods that were both safe and super healthy to offer Chickpea in those first few months of weaning was limited by the extent of her fine motor skills. It wasn’t until Little Chickpea was 9 months of age that an extensive array of consumable delights were at her fingertips and that was all down to the fact that at this age Little Chickpea honed her pincer grasp and self-feeding became a million times easier litrally overnight. 

The term “pincer grasp” is something you come across when reading about infant development stages. It basically means to pick up an object using the thumb and forefinger in a pincer-like fashion and babies tend to develop this skill at around 9-11 months old.

Unfortunately this new development also meant that an extensive array of non-consumable delights were also at her fingertips as Chickpea immediately set about using her new skills to pick up absolutely anything and everything and pop it into her mouth without a moment’s thought.  I hope that Mums of older children can reassure me that this stage doesn’t last that long? I am still crossing my fingers in hope.

We have always enjoyed meal times but we have definitely hit a super fun stage right now. It’s very cute watching Little Chickpea pick up bean after bean with utmost concentration and best of  all I no longer have to think too much about adapting our meals – it’s much easier for the whole family to eat the same meal. 

It’s safe to say that the development of Chickpea’s pincer grasp has been a huge milestone in our weaning journey and the culinary world is now her oyster …. Although maybe not actual oysters! 


Have fun and Happy Weaning

Kelly and Little Chickpea Xxx

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